🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager
🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager

🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Intelligent Knee Massager

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😎Unleash the power of smart relaxation! 👍

🦵Do your knees often give you grief, hindering your daily activities?
💪Do you feel like you are desperately seeking relief from those stubborn pains?


✨A versatile knee massager that relieves pain and discomfort for a comfortable massage after a long day. 🍃
🆗This knee massager has 3 vibration modes, from low, high to automatic switching. Three heat settings, from low at 105°F, medium at 122°F, and high at up to 140°F, all with the added benefit of switchable infrared and laser lighting.

🌷🌷Our smart knee massager can soothe, relax and rejuvenate your tired knees like never before. This groundbreaking miracle is designed to care for and restore your knees like never before. Get ready to say goodbye to discomfort and embrace a life of smart relaxation. Let our smart knee massager be your ultimate choice for soothing relaxation, unparalleled comfort, and a new sense of well-being. 💖

Here's why you'll love this:

✅Intelligent pain relief

Experience the next level of knee care with our smart massager. Equipped with advanced technology, it targets sore spots and aches, providing tailored pain relief for your unique needs.


✅ Heated comfort

Melt away discomfort with soothing heat therapy. Our knee massager gently warms up, promotes better blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and improves the massage experience.


✅Customizable massage modes

Don't settle for one-size-fits-all solutions! Choose from a variety of massage modes and intensities to find the perfect massage that suits your knee's desires.


✅Portable and rechargeable

Relax on the go! Our knee massager is compact, lightweight and rechargeable, ensuring you can enjoy a soothing massage anytime, anywhere.




✨Say goodbye to being tied down and enjoy a relaxing and pain-relieving knee massage anywhere - whether you're in the comfort of your home, during office hours, traveling or wherever you want.🌎

  • 1. ✅High performance 3000mAh battery for use on the go.

  • 2. ✅Feather light at only 1.4 lbs for ultimate portability.

  • 3. ✅TYPE-C interface charging for convenience.



Unwind with adjustable heat settings that cater to your unique needs. Experience the added benefit of switchable infrared and laser lighting, targeting the exact areas that need relief.

  • ✅3 vibration modes (low, high, automatic switching) for customized massage.
  • ✅3 heating modes: 105°F, 122°F, up to 140°F for soothing heat.
  • ✅Switchable infrared and laser lighting for targeted relief.




Using the knee massager with heat has never been easier! Embrace simplicity with our enclosed detailed user manual, featuring larger text and explanatory drawings for a delightful, user-friendly experience from the start.


🆒 Clearly visible LED display and touch button control.

📖User-friendly manual with explanatory drawings.




Our Intelligent Knee Massager is equipped with a large LED screen that ensures easy visibility and control. It is best for the elderly to make it easy for your parents to use very easily.👵👴



We prioritize your safety and comfort, which is why our knee massager has a smart Auto-Off System. With a built-in 10-minute massage timer, you can enjoy your sessions without worrying about overuse or accidentally falling asleep during the massage.


⏰Auto-Off System with a 10 minute massage timer for safety and convenience.✨

A rechargeable lithium battery ensures stable and long-lasting performance.
TYPE-C interface charging, compatible with common mobile phone chargers.




The smart knee massager is carefully designed with your comfort in mind. With this knee massager, you can experience soothing relaxation every day, making it the perfect addition to your health.


✨Adjustable Velcro straps provide a secure fit and prevent slipping.

Anyone can easily adjust the Velcro straps.

The adjustable features make it versatile and can be worn by anyone.


😎 Unrivaled Versatility!

Whether you suffer from a sports injury, knee pain, osteoarthritis or just need soothing cold knees - this intelligently designed massager is your best solution. Made of high-quality materials and equipped with advanced infrared heat, laser technology and 3 vibration modes.



  • Power supply: battery powered
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Color: off-white 
  • Rated voltage: 3.7V
  • Input current: DC 5V=2A
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