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Have your own personal therapist at home, give your spine the best care!

Solve your improper working posture, sleeping position, prone to muscle stiffness around the spine and strain of the spine

Imitation of human hands figure-eight kneading, experience strong and comfortable massage
Simulates the shape of a human hand opening the tiger's mouth, grasping, kneading, and kneading with just the right strength
Upgraded 6-head massage, 10 techniques to restore finger massage, let you experience the charm of Thai massage!
6 massage heads are designed to simulate three-dimensional massage techniques, covering a large area of the shoulder and neck
Two-way pinching and kneading massage, press accurate acupuncture points without fatigue.
Two-way kneading massage technology, forward kneading, reverse massage, deep kneading shoulder and neck, quickly relax muscle tension
The shoulder-back style frees your hands and does not affect your daily activities. Warm compresses relax your muscles and make you more comfortable
The craftsmanship is superb. Its neat shoulder line, smooth wiring, minimal side pockets, and classic flat collar make it perfect for any formal occasion. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear and gives you a neat look.
smart button
PU leather, skin-friendly material. Free combination mode, match as you like, easy to master massage and kneading.
Large battery, long battery life
70 minutes long battery life, allowing you to immerse yourself in the pure massage experience!
This will be your favorite massage product! Take the stress out of your life!

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