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Clean Spin Scrubber
Clean Spin Scrubber
Clean Spin Scrubber
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Clean Spin Scrubber
Clean Spin Scrubber
Clean Spin Scrubber
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Clean Spin Scrubber

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Enjoy a painless and enjoyable shower cleaning experience with the Senior-Friendly Spin Scrubber. Its 6 rotating brush heads effortlessly eliminate soap scum, dirt, and grime from bathroom surfaces. Specially designed for seniors with back pain, arthritis, and bad joints.

Double The Clean, Half The Time!

Cleaning doesn't have to take hours! Clean Spin Scrubber will transform your surfaces in seconds, making short work of muck on your bathtub, shower, tile floor, worktop, grouting, toilet, and more. Say goodbye to grime and say hello to sparkling clean surfaces!

  • 300RPM Rapid Deep Cleaning
  • Save Hours Scrubbing
  • Better clean, with less effort!

You'll Never Look Back!

Once you try the Clean Spin Scrubber, you'll never want to go back to regular, painstaking scrubbing again!

Gentle on Your Back, Tough on Grime

Clean Spin Scrubber which makes cleaning surfaces as easy as brushing your teeth!

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