Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key
Smart LCD Remote Car Key

Smart LCD Remote Car Key

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Brand Name: WhatsKey

Customization: Yes

R/C Function: With

Interchange Part Number: Universal Smart Remote Car key

Manufacturer Part Number: CF920 Smart LCD Key

OEM NO.: Universal modified lcd display Smart key

Other Part Number: Universal LCD Key Display KeyRemote Key

Material Type: Alloy Material+LCD Key Screen Display

Supported languages: English/Korean/Russian/German/Portugues/spanishe/Italian/French/Japanese/Thai

Name: CF920 All LCD Smart key

Suitable: Suitable for all original cars with one-key start function

Accessories: W/ LCD Screen OBD nstallation

Colors: Black /Silver

Function-1: Comfort entry Anti-lost

Function-2: Keyless entry Car

Function-3: LSP HD anti-glare LCD screen

Function-4: Super stable bluetooth for comfortable entry

Function-5: Lock the window and lift the window away from the car (some models)

Function-6: Smart access features

Features: Display Smart Key

Weight: 0.3KG


-Now all LCD KEY No any car logo. please know.

Suitable for all original cars with one-key start function,

Not applicable to all manual in-line car keys and mechanical keys.

If you encounter the following problems:

  1. Regarding circuit board soldering,
  2. OBD signal setting,

For other questions, please contact us after receiving the goods, we will help you solve it, please do not initiate disputes directly, thank you.

Renew CF920 New Model Smart LCD Key

  1. Comfort Access Function
  2. Auto window Function (some models)
  3. Long lasting display

Universal modified smart LCD key for Audi style. Cool look

1. Vehicle-grade comfortable entry
2. LSP HD anti-glare LCD screen,Silky touch
3. Lock the windows
4. Window lift (some models)
5. Fully laminated glass touch
6. Alloy material
7. Optional colors: black, silver
8.15 minutes quick installation
9. Welding harness, OBD quick installation
10. Long standby time, 100 days standby time,
11.200 days comfortable settlement, 365 days logistics button
12. Can be design the car logo and upload it by yourself(only Android phone)
13. Anti-lost function, fill in the owner information

ISP HD anti-glare LCD screen. (Fully laminated glass has a wider touch field of view)

Humanized button design, Alloy material is stable and anti-drop.
side buttons are not easy to touch by mistake, easy to operate.
Fashion Little King Kong Alloy material all-inclusive protection.

Comfortable entry loss prevention.

Close to automatic unlock, far from automatic lock.

Settings:Press the icon to setting comfort access function,long press for 2 second to setting On/Off, when setting On ,the door will be auto locked when the smart key away from the car and auto unlock when the smart key near the car.

Lock car window

If the original car key is locked at a distance of 10 meters, the window can still be operated, and the automatic window can be locked

Some models of the original car can only operate the window within 5 meters, and the automatic window function cannot be used.

Note that this function requires the original car to lock the car or long press to lock the car to lift the window function to be compatible

Long Standby

Standby for 30 days, comfortable entry for 100 days without opening the physical button for 365 days.

Please measure, your original key circuit board size:



Smart LCD key master

(supports all one click Start models)

① The original car key is changed into: touch screen + physical key LCD key, compatible with all functions of the original car key

(The original car key function will not be changed)

② Add comfortable entry function

Plug in the OBD plug for comfortable entry,

Automatic unlocking when approaching 1-1.5m and automatic locking when leaving 3-5M

Lock the car and lift the window automatically

Customer concerns:

1. How long does the LCD key stand by?

Standby: 8-10days at normal temperature, 5-7 days in winter

The LCD screen has no power, the physical button supports for 6 months, and it can unlock and lock.

2. What is the difference between keyless entry and comfortable entry?

[keyless entry]: the original car has a keyless entry function, and you need to press the handle button to unlock the lock.

[comfortable entry function]: no touch, automatic unlocking 1.5 meters near the vehicle, automatic locking more than 5 meters away!

3. How to change the LCD key?

Take out the chip of the original car key, solder the special key harness, insert the LCD key, and you can use it.

(provide installation tutorial, spot welding master can see it)

4. How to charge?

With Android charging cable, you can plug it in.

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