Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen
Car Scratch Repair Pen

Car Scratch Repair Pen

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Enjoy unparalleled comfort and precision in achieving flawless car repairs with the Car Scratch Repair Pen, providing the solution for a polished finish!

Introducing the Car Scratch Repair Pen, your solution for impeccable car aesthetics. Easily revive your vehicle's shine and save time and money on expensive body shop repairs with its professional formula. Trust it for remarkable results and elevate your vehicle's appearance!

How Car Scratch Repair Pen helps with Scratches

The Car Scratch Repair Pen provides the perfect solution for eliminating bothersome scratches and scuffs on your vehicle. This innovative tool offers a convenient and budget-friendly method to restore your vehicle's appearance to showroom quality.

Its user-friendly design allows you to effortlessly address imperfections, enhancing your vehicle's aesthetics and saving you time and money on costly workshop visits. The pen's professional formula seamlessly blends with the car paint, ensuring a flawless, professional result every time, making your vehicle look impeccable and stand out wherever you go.

Car Scratch Repair Pen's Key Features


Effortlessly addressing scratches on your car is a simple task with the application of it. The process is user-friendly—apply the pen, work it into the scratch or scuff, and then wipe away to swiftly mend any imperfections. What sets this pen apart is its ability to not only fill in scratches but also to seamlessly smooth itself out during the drying process, ensuring an even and polished finish!


AEXZR­™'s groundbreaking liquid clear coat performs almost miraculously, effectively making even the most resilient scratches vanish. Its compatibility extends to any car, irrespective of its color, make, or model.


Eliminate the need for costly workshop visits by taking matters into your own hands. By choosing Car Scratch Repair Pen, not only do you save valuable time but also keep more money in your pocket. Embrace the convenience and cost-effectiveness of self-repair, sparing yourself the hassle of relying on professional workshops for scratch removal.


The Car Scratch Repair Pen is non-toxic, long-lasting, waterproof, and odorless. Its compact size allows for easy portability—whether kept in your pocket or stored in the car—without occupying much space.

What sets the Car Scratch Repair Pen apart?

  • Versatility
  • Surface Protection
  • Compatibility Across the Board
  • Innovative Liquid Clear Coat Technology
  • Ease of Use

Feedbacks from our Satisfied Customers!

"I'm thrilled to share my enthusiasm for the Car Scratch Repair Pen—it's like a hidden gem for car enthusiasts! Dealing with noticeable scratches on my car, I discovered this pen, and it worked like magic with its liquid clear coat technology. The ease of use is incredible, and my car looks absolutely pristine now. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to restore their car's shine and make it look brand new again. Trust me; this pen is a game-changer!" – Tim Henson

"Incredible! The Car Scratch Repair Pen exceeded my expectations. I had unsightly scratches on my car, and the results were unbelievable. It's as if the scratches never existed. The liquid clear coat technology is truly ingenious. Not only did I save a considerable amount by avoiding a trip to the auto shop, but my car now looks spectacular. As a satisfied customer, I couldn't be happier!" - Justine Mariano


  1. Shake well first.
  2. Prime the pen by pressing the tip down until it is saturated (40-50 times).
  3. Apply it to the damaged area and allow it to cure in sunlight (above 55°F).
  4. Quickly wipe off the excess and let it dry again in sunlight.
  5. For deeper scratches, further applications may be required.

Package Includes:

1 Pen x Car Scratch Repair Pen

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